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USEM 1000: Franz - Business For God's Sake  

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Subject Guide Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Session/Subject Guide students will:

  • have reflected on the meaning of the phrase "academic culture"
  • have used the library's search engine to find book(s) on their topic
  • know about the Work & Faith Collection, a unique collection of books on the intersection of economics and faith, work and faith, etc.
  • find at least one reliable article on their organization to support their assertions in research papers
  • know about some resources for formatting a paper in the APA style

Subject Librarian

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Cindy Strong
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Ames Library
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Assignments (from the syllabus)


This presentation is your chance to introduce the class to a company that is doing something interesting with respect to social-responsibility.   So you will need to find a company (or business leader) doing something YOU find interesting and meaningful, research it, and then construct an oral presentation so the rest of the class can learn about it, too.  Your presentation should cover the organization’s background, their specific practices/programs, and then describe the impact the organization is making.

Your presentation should include an introduction (capture your audience’s attention and preview your major points), body, and conclusion (end on a high note and reinforce the major points).  In the body of your presentation you should cover:

  1. Background information on the organization.  Their history and industry?
  2. What the company is doing to serve the world and/or be a good steward (especially with respect to the panel’s issue).
  3. Results: What kind of impact are they having? How successful are their efforts to address the problem?  How do you know?

On the day of your presentation you need to turn in the following:

  1. An outline of your presentation. (This is NOT the same thing as your PowerPoint slides.)
  2. Printed copies of any handouts or PowerPoint slides that you will use and/or a cd copy or link to your video.
  3. An annotated reference list using APA style.  See The Everyday Writer for more information about APA style.  “Annotated” means that for each reference you should briefly describe the information that you got from that particular source. You must have a minimum of 8 references, a mix of print and internet sources.


This quarter you will be required to write a 6-8 page research paper (not including cover page or references).  This paper is an extension of your presentation, in that you will write about the same company you described in your presentation.  However, the term paper will require you to go beyond the information presented in your speech.  Beyond just describing what the organization is doing, the paper should analyze your chosen company’s approach to business in terms of enacting spiritual values, stewardship ethics and the theological purpose of business.  Finally, you should critique this organization’s method of advancing the social good.  

Your paper should have a cover page with the title of your paper, your name, date and the class number (i.e., USEM 1000).  It should also include in-text citations and a reference list in APA style (see The Everyday Writer for details).  You will need a minimum of 10 references for your term paper.


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